Sunday, March 9, 2008
Hi everyone,

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and switch over to Wordpress, so the new url is:

and please update your feed readers with this:

Thanks so much, and see you over at the new blog! :)


PS. Does anyone know if it's possible to redirect traffic automatically over there from this page?


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
I walked past my shadow twice today.
It was dragging its feet,
faint on the sidewalk from the weak winter sun.

So tired from late nights, unsatisfying jobs,
pretending to be a grown up, pretending not to care;
my entire being is begging
for a deep, dreamless slumber to rest my weary
head, heart, body.
“Please, please, please,”
they’re begging,
“give me what I want.”

Discontent and disconnect
wear me out.
"Please, please, please,"
I beg,
"give me what I want."

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