Wednesday, February 27, 2008
All I’d been waiting for, was for you to consider
the distance between us, physically, then
emotionally. I thought stepping away for a while
would do the trick, would make you miss me. But all it was, was me
waiting tortuously for a phone call, an email, anything
to indicate that you cared; waiting for something to break the silence magnified
by each and every
mile of distance between us.

How foolish I’ve been.
I, who made it too easy for you, practically
begging you to
take me for granted.
I became the person I wanted you to be:
affectionate, thoughtful, sweet for no reason,
and always,
always loving.
(It’s really too bad I can’t date myself.)

I owe myself an apology
for the way I failed me.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “No more,
no more.”

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3WW Words: apology, consider, distant (I took the liberty of using 'distance' instead...)

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